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Mathematical Software and High Performance Algebraic Computing

June 26 to 30, 2023

Location: ENS de Lyon, site Monod.

Practical information (thanks to Nicolas Brisebarre)

Organizers: W. Decker, J.-G. Dumas, C. Pernet, E. Thomé, G. Villard

At present the practical organization of this workshop is partly prospective since in particular we plan to couple the event with developer days from various software groups. This ranges from many specialized opensource components (ex: FLINT, FpLLL, LinBox, etc.), to thematic systems (ex: GAP, Pari/GP, Singular, etc.) and general purpose ones (ex: OSCAR, Mathemagix, SageMath, etc.). We also plan to have a participation of MapleSoft and Wolfram Mathematica.
The goal of the workshop is to allow the software actors to present what the existing software systems are, with general and introductory talks, and focus on the latest advances and perspectives. We also aim at making links between communities by inviting representatives of interface softwares such as jupyter and Julia, and from research around interoperability formats and OpenMath.

A specific interest will be for the advancement of optimized code and parallel software in all areas of symbolic mathematical computation. Research challenges also concern interfaces and integration of components, JIT compilation and metaprogramming. At the algorithmic and application level, mastering precisions and hybrid symbolic, certified and numerical methods requires complex environments and sophisticated software implementations. New applications, computational challenges and experimental mathematics problems should be raised to open up new perspectives for the design of computer algebra softwares.

A round table meeting will be held for addressing issues around the promotion of software skills for scientific careers, including academic ones.


Code of Conduct